Lasting Beauty | Permanent Hair Removal Treatment in Kitchener & Waterloo
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Permanent Hair Removal Treatment in Kitchener & Waterloo

Permanent hair removal treatments provide freedom and confidence to the people. Male or female, everyone wants to get rid of those unwanted hair that overshadow the beauty of a person. At Lasting Beauty, we take great pride in providing the most reliable and safest permanent hair removal treatment in Kitchener and Waterloo. Whether you are a male with unwanted chest hair or a female with facial hair growth, our treatment will prevent facial and body hair permanently.

No more painful shaving, waxing or plucking. Our hair removal treatment will make your skin smooth and soft. Now, feel free to go on a three week vacation without your razor or waxing gels. The number of treatments required depend on various factors such as quality of hair, hair color and hormonal problems.
At Lasting Beauty, we make sure to provide our clients with the realistic expectations. The human body is very complex and results may vary with the individuals. When you reach us for permanent hair removal treatment in Kitchener and Waterloo, our professionals will evaluate your skin type, hair growth and medical history to whether or not permanent hair removal treatment is right for you.

At Lasting Beauty, permanent hair reduction is performed by using the FormaxPlus’ Dynamic Pulse Control(DPC). It is a powerful and effective machine in preventing hair from your body permanently.

Main Benefits:

  • Our hair removal treatment is non-invasive, reliable and painless
  • You will see the difference even after the first sitting
  • We provide precise, flexible and safe treatments
  • We have a huge database of hundreds of satisfied clients, and counting

At Lasting Beauty, we strive for constant innovation by utilizing the latest and the most advanced technology. Advanced technology ensures that all our treatments are comfortable and safe for our clients. We keep all the documents of our patient’s treatment history, so that we can track the progress of the treatment time to time.

Say goodbye to your unwanted hair forever, as we are here to offer hair removal treatments for all areas of the body; face, arms, legs, chest, abdomen, back, shoulders, under arm, bikini areas, and much more. The results of our treatment last far longer than other methods such as waxing and shaving.

Want to get rid of unwanted body hair? Call our professionals today to book an appointment at 519-954-4040.